toddler school | the beginning

I think there are a few professions that are hard to quit and truly quit.  Being the daughter of a preacher, I can confidently say that preaching is one of them.  Even after retirement, not many preachers really stop preaching. I’ve heard the joke many times, “so and so will die in the pulpit.”  There is much truth in those words.

While let’s pray that they don’t actually die in the pulpit (can you even imagine how awful that would be?!) the sentiment is true.  Preachers simply don’t know how not to preach, so they do until those last days.

My dad is quickly approaching those “golden years” and we all know that he will never be the type to just sit at home day in and day out.  I see him on the road often, preaching revivals, filling in where needed, and using his God given talent of writing.

Teaching is also a profession that I don’t think one is ever truly capable of walking away from completely.  It is hard to believe it has been a whole year since I closed the door of my Kindergarten classroom and drove home with fresh tears in my eyes to start my new journey as a stay at home mom.

Honestly…  It took me almost a whole year to miss it. And yet, that yearning to teach has returned in full force.

Best solution to this problem?  Why, teach of course!  Thankfully, I have these things in my whole called CHILDREN.  And they don’t have an option but to endure the things their momma forces upon them.

So…. Toddler School… here we go!

Before we begin, I need to tell you about a book that I will be using throughout our Toddler School.  I am a huge fan of this book and highly recommend that you purchase it!


It has EASY to follow recipes and activities to do with your kids that do not involve any screen time (basically Pinterest in book form!)  While TV and educational shows do have their place (and they certainly do in our home!), we do know that creativity and learning happen best without it.

Cheers to learning!


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